Sunday, 29 March 2015

Landscapes of Iceland

I went to Iceland for my birthday in March. It's an amazing country. There's the most stunning views everywhere you go. I took a crazy amount of photo's so i'm going to break them up into sections. The first is Landscapes. We drove around the western peninsular and many of the photos below where taken there. Each stop felt like we were only just scratching the surface. What we really needed to do was to spend hours and hours exploring and discovering each new beach, mountain or town. But we only had short amount of time to fit everything in so a quick stop at each place would have to do this time round.  
 The view from my room at the Hotel Búðir. 

The sun during the eclipse. The sky has a funny kind of twilight. 

Iceland is such a beautiful country. I would definitely go back. Maybe to explore the Eastern side next time. 

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